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  • Weighs anywhere from 50 pounds and up.
  • is larger than a parcel but smaller than a truckload i.e., too large to take to the post office, but too small for an entire truck.
  • NY shipments are usually palletized or crated, to reduce both rates and damage risks. 
  •  trucking is generally a fraction of the cost of a full truckload shipment. Shipping costs are usually determined based on a dimensional weight to increase load capacity. 
  •  is often shipped through local NY terminals and distribution centers. 
  •  is frequently delivered in the mornings, with pickups typically occurring in the afternoon and at night. 
  • transit times take longer than full truckload transit times because of the shared payload. 
  • is the most popular way to ship, according to the majority of shippers today. 





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